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Machine & system installation

Power plants

Booster Station

Solar electricity plant

Oil Tanks

reverse osmosis water

Street lights

Diesel Engine Installation and Technical Transformation

Power plant (power plant) as the main design, equipment installation, technical transformation and additional equipment and waste gas waste heat recovery power plant system design, installation, commissioning and operation of facilities, installation and renovation projects

Installation of waste heat treatment boilers

Host installation

Manufacture and installation of heat boilers and waste mufflers

Installation of waste heat pipes

Tank Installation

Fire system installation

Installation of sewage treatment systems

Installation of water turbine units

Booster station installation

Steam turbine unit inspection

Pipe installation

Instalation steam drain pipe

Installation of steam turbine units

Production and installation of cooling towers

Air conditioning installation

Instalasi incinerator

Transportation of generator units

Alternator Installation

Ventilation system installation

Spray cooling tower installation

Instalasi steel structure workshop 

Installation of electric panel cabinet

Street lighting installation

Solar photovoltaic installation

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